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myTenders Classic - for Purchasers

All tenders you create on myTenders are checked by our support team who ensure they comply with UK and EU publication guidelines before they are dispatched to the OJEU. Our team are there to provide expert help and guidance and to make sure you get the best out of the system.

What you can do with myTenders Classic:

  • Publish OJEU and low value tenders
  • Create and publish your Buyer's Profile
  • Automatically feed Contracts Finder
  • Manage your tenders in your own Notice Workspace
  • Comply with EU and UK legislation
  • Collate data for your statistical return
  • Contact our dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Record details of suppliers interested in your tenders

myTenders Classic is FREE for purchasers and only takes a few minutes to complete your registration.

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What do myTenders users have to say?

"The service I received from the myTenders support team was excellent! Even when asking very basic questions, the team were very patient! In terms of the actual service, I found it remarkably straightforward and easy to use."
Beverley Foster, Cluster Skills Manager - Yorkshire Forward

"I have found the myTenders procurement advertising service to be excellent and effective. The staff are always very helpful as well as knowledgeable in assisting with the preparation and completion of requisite notices."
Brian Runnalls, Corporate Asset & Procurement Manager - Caradon District Council