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myTenders PRO - for Purchasers

myTenders PRO has all the features of the Classic service, allowing you to publish and manage your tenders - but includes some great additional features that makes your procurement process even easier.

What you can do with myTenders PRO:

  • Publish OJEU and low value tenders
  • Create and publish your Buyer's Profile
  • Automatically feed Contracts Finder
  • Manage your tenders in your own Notice Workspace
  • Comply with EU and UK legislation
  • Collate data for your statistical return
  • Contact our dedicated Customer Support Team
  • Record details of suppliers interested in your tenders

you can also...

  • Display tenders on your own web pages

    Your tender notice and purchasing information details appear within your own set of web pages, branded specifically for your organisation, see examples

  • Receive electronic responses - eTendering

    The Tender Postbox (eTendering) allows you to receive tender responses from your suppliers electronically in a secure environment.

  • Attach documents to your tenders

    Attach any type of document to a tender notice and it will be made available to download by any supplier who has expressed an interest in your notice.

  • Communicate online with Suppliers - Q & A

    Provide online clarifications with the Questions and Answers functionality. Respond only once to questions, keeping all current and newly interested suppliers up to date in real-time.

  • Store documents in your Library

    Store documentation online such as terms and conditions, policies and organisation logos etc. Documents can be shared across your entire organisation and attached to a tender notice.

  • Quick Quote

    Quick Quote (QQ) is an online quotation facility which allows purchasing authorities to obtain competitive quotes electronically for low value requirements.

What does myTenders PRO cost?

£2,500 per annum

payment can be made via
Credit Card or Purchase Order

How do I get myTenders PRO?

  1. Register your authority with the myTenders service

  2. Log in to myTenders and subscribe to myTenders PRO

Already registered on myTenders?

What do our clients say about myTenders PRO?

"The Procurement Unit at West Berkshire Council have been using myTenders for around four years. The system is very user friendly and works well for us, and assists in complying with EU Regulations for advertising all works and services above and below the EU financial thresholds. Our Suppliers can access all our advertised work and download appropriate documentation at no charge to themselves. This complies with Central Government's drive on Local Authorities to make it easier for SMEs to do business with us."
Charlie Piechniczek - Procurement Manager, West Berkshire Council

"We have been working with Millstream Associates and their OJEU Service, MyTenders since 2004 and have found it extremely useful and practical. The complexities involved in EU contract notice publication is removed with helpful user guides and support staff always eager to answer your queries. It is also helps public sector authorities take advantage of automatic reduction in timescales - could not be better!"
Mohamed Hans - Procurement Advisor, IPF