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Publishing contracts can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Think of how much time you spend trying to determine the right procedures to use and identifying the correct forms to include.

myTenders makes procurement easy by ensuring every notice you publish is compliant and fit for purpose. Discover how much time you could save with our Demo.

What you can do with myTenders Demo:

  • Register your organisation to access your personalised control panel
  • Try creating both low and high-value notices to see the different processes
  • Use our step-by-step notice creation wizard to see how hassle-free procurement can be
  • Prepare notices for future procurements – they will be saved until you upgrade to PRO and are ready to publish


Do you need myTenders PRO?

myTenders PRO is the complete package for publishing notices, giving you access to our full range of tools. We recommend upgrading to PRO for any organisations using multiple platforms to manage their notices, and would like a more efficient and compliant solution.

myTenders PRO gives you access to:

  • Publish notices directly to Contracts Finder and Find a Tender (FTS)
  • Track and manage your notices from one centralised workspace
  • A secure and auditable facility (postbox) to receive electronic responses
  • Record details of suppliers interested in your notices
  • Advertise notices to over 25,000 registered suppliers
  • Document library
  • An online Q&A facility for transparent clarification with your suppliers
  • The ability to conduct 2-stage notices
  • Quick Quotes - our invite-only, request for quotation system
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team for you and your suppliers
  • Custom buyer profiles to display your tenders on your own website
  • Single Procurement Document (SPD) creation, to easily qualify suppliers
  • Contract management/contract register
  • Benefit from triple compliance checks ensure your notices meet regulation
  • Report on your activity


Training and Consultancy

Our Training and Consultancy team can review and improve your approach to procurement, helping you achieve cost savings and efficiency gains. A well put together and managed tender process can have significant positive impact to the value a contract delivers.

You can view our support options and get in touch via our contact us form.