What is Contracts Finder?

The Public Contracts Regulations which came into force on 26th february 2015 require public sector organisations in England (government departments, local authorities, housing associations, armed forces, emergency services, schools, universities, etc.) to publish information on contracts they intend to award following a competitive tender.

What contracts have to be published?

All public sector contracts with an estimated value of £25,000 or more (£10,000 for central government organisations).

In addition any contract over the Official Journal thresholds, e.g.for local authority supplies £172, 514, has to be published both on Contracts Finder and in the Official Journal (OJEU).

I’m a Buyer in a Local Authority – How do I publish a notice on Contracts Finder?

The Contracts Finder website has been in existence since February 2011, but a completely new website was launched on 26th February to coincide with the new regulations. In order to publish notices using Contracts Finder itself you will need to complete the registration process on the new website, even if you were already registered on the old version.

Alternatively you can use this website, mytenders Pro, which will enable you to prepare, publish and manage your contract notices on both Contracts Finder and in the OJEU by only entering the information just once. myTenders PRO also gives you the facilities to make the tender documents available for suppliers to download and there are also electronic tendering tools that allow suppliers to submit their completed bids.

myTenders also has a very experienced team of support staff who will be able to help you with any questions, procedural problems, legal issues, etc. Our support team are all law graduates and most have postgraduate qualifications in procurement law and policy.

mytenders Pro includes all of the facilities that you need in order to comply with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 in one easy to use, low cost package.

Call our help desk on 0800 222 9006, or Register Online. We’ll have you set up and ready to go in minutes!